7th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

October 31, 2008, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

Scope, Topics, Organization & List of Participants (pdf-file)
Program (pdf-file)
Program & Abstracts(pdf-file)
Poster (pdf-file)


TASCA commissioning summary report – M. Schädel

TASCA Related Hot Topics

  RIKEN GARIS for superheavy element chemistry – H. Haba
  Element 114 chemistry: experimental status – R. Eichler (Abstract)
  Element 114 chemistry: theoretical status – V. Pershina

Status + Future Program: Chemistry

  Experiments on the chemistry of element 114 – A. Yakushev
  Electrodeposition experiments with hassium – J.V. Kratz
  SISAK experiments with transactinides – J.P. Omtvedt
  Investigation of group 8 metallocenes @ TASCA – Ch.E. Düllmann

Status + Future Program: Physics

  Spectroscopy experiments with TASISpec – L.-L. Andersson
  Hassium spectroscopy experiments – A. Yakushev
  Toward element 117 – Ch.E. Düllmann
  1) 48Ca + 244Pu element 114
  2) search for element 117

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