4th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

October 6, 2005, Oslo, Norway

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Scope, Topics, Organization & List of Participants (pdf-file)

1st Circular (pdf-file)

Poster (pdf-file)


Reports and Discussion of Task Group Reports

  Status of TASCA – A Brief Overview – M. Schädel
  Separator – A. Semchenkov
  Differential Pumping, Gas Control, ... – A. Türler
  TASCA Target Group Status Report – K. Eberhardt
  TASCA Detector Set-up for Physics Experiments – D. Ackermann
  RTC - An Interface between TASCA and Chemistry – A. Yakushev

Short Status Reports of Scientific Programs

  SHE Production in Hot Fusion at SHIP - 48Ca + 238U – D. Ackermann
  Nuclear Decay Spectroscopy in the Actinide Region – J. Uusitalo
  TASCA Commissioning Experiments: Lessons from the BGS – K. Gregorich
  Instrumental and Methodical Improvements for Chemistry Experiments at the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator – R. Sudowe
  Chemistry Planned @ GARIS – H. Haba

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