6th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

September 28, 2007, Davos, Switzerland

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Scope, Topics, Organization & List of Participants (pdf-file)
Program (pdf-file)
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Reports from the Heavy Element Separator Community

  The gas-filled recoil separator RITU at JYFL – J. Uusitalo
  Gamma spectroscopy of heavy element nuclei in the BGS focal plane – K.E. Gregorich
  Evolution of the new experimental set ups for studies of transfermium elements in the reactions with heavy ions at FLNR JINR – A. Yeremin
  Future Plan of the Experimental Program on Synthesizing the Heaviest Elements at RIKEN – K. Morita
  Perspectives of the superheavy element chemistry at RIKEN GARIS – H. Haba

TASCA - Status Reports of the Commissioning Program and Projected Technical Developments

  Status of TASCA – An Overview – M. Schädel
  Synthesis and Separation of Fm and No isotopes using TASCA – K. Jadambaa
  TASCA Control System – A. Semchenkov
  Focal Plane Detector – Status and Test Results – D. Ackermann
  The TASCA FPD + DAQ – new developments – A. Yakushev
  Recoil Transfer Chamber commissioning at TASCA – Ch.E. Düllmann

TASCA - The Scientific Program after Commissioning

  Developments for SISAK experiments @ TASCA – J.P. Omtvedt (Abstract)
  Electrodeposition Experiments planned @ TASCA – J.V. Kratz
  Coupling of isothermal vacuum chromatgraphy (IVAC) to TASCA – R. Eichler
  Investigation of group 8 metallocenes @ TASCA – Ch.E. Düllmann
  Structure of Very Heavy Nuclei – First Possible Experiments at TASCA – R.-D. Herzberg

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