3rd Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

August 27, 2004, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

Scope, Topics & Organization (pdf-file)

Program (pdf-file)



Nuclear Aspects of Superheavy Elements

  Recent results from Dubna – A. Popeko
  Studies of the reaction 48Ca + 238U @ BGS – K.E. Gregorich
  Recent results of SHE research using GARIS at RIKEN – K. Morimoto
  Elements 107, 110, 111 studied in cold fusion reactions @ BGS – C.M. Folden
  Nuclear structure studies @ gas-filled separators – P. Kuusiniemi

Chemical Aspects of Superheavy Elements

  Status of the element 112 experiment – H.W. Gäggeler
  Gas-phase chemistry and the RTC @ BGS – Ch. Düllmann
  Perspectives and challenges for solution chemistry @ BGS – R. Sudowe
  Liquid-phase chemistry with SISAK using preseparated activity – J.P. Omtvedt
  Plans for gas-phase chemistry @ TASCA – A. Yakushev
  Gas-phase and vacuum chromatography @ TASCA – R. Eichler
  Electrochemistry of preseparated SHE – H.Hummrich

Experience with gas-filled separators and new projects

  RITU @ JYFL – J. Uusitalo
  Operation of the GARIS (and chemistry plans) – D. Kaji
  Status of the new separator project at JYFL – M. Leino
  Nuclear structure studies with a RTC – K.E. Gregorich


  Present and future beams for SHE research at the GSI – W. Barth
  Envisaged first TASCA configuration - A. Semchenkov
  Detectors and Data Acquisition @ TASCA – D. Ackermann

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