ChemSep 02

1st Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

GSI, March 20 - 21, 2002

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

Scope, Background, Topics & Program (pdf-file)

List of Participants (pdf-file)


Superheavy Elements

  Fusion Cross Sections
  Cold and Hot Fusion Cross-Section Systematics - S. Hofmann
  Formation of Superheavy Elements in Heavy-Ion Reactions and Fusion Barriers - V.Yu. Denisov
  Neutron Transfer Effects in Nuclear Fusion - T. Schuck

Nuclear Stability and Decay
  Nuclear Structure Investigations in the Region of Transfermium Elements - F.P. Hessberger
  An EC-Branch in the Decay of 27-s Db-263: Evidence for the new Isotope Rf-263 - J.V. Kratz

  Introduction into SHE Chemistry - H.W. Gäggeler
  Chemical Identification of Hassium (Hs, Z = 108) and Prospects for Future Studies- Ch.E. Düllmann
  First Chemistry Experiments with Element 112 - A.Yakushev
  Prospects for IVO Chemistry Experiment with Element 112 - S. Soverna
  Approaches to Element 114 Chemistry with and without Physical Preseparation - A.Yakushev
  Limitations of Online Gas Chemistry Technique to alpha-spectroscopy in Ca-48 induced SHE Applications - R. Dressler
  Development of Miniaturized Aqueous Chemistry Systems - U.W. Scherer
  Vacuum Thermochromatography - Revival of a Gas Phase Adsorption Separation Method to be Coupled to a Future "CHEMSEP"- R. Eichler
  Practical Results from Working with Preseparated 257Rf - J.P. Omtvedt
  Recoil Separator - Curse or Promise for SHE One-Atom-at-a-Month Chemistry - C. Laue

  Ion Traps etc.  
  Ion Chemical Reactions with Heavy Elements in the Gas Phase - A. Dretzke
  Ion Mobility Measurements in the Region of Superheavy Elements with Z>=100 - M. Sewtz
  FT-ICR: A Non-Destructive Detection Method for Heavy Radionuclides at the SHIPTRAP Facility at GSI - C. Weber

  Ion Source, Targets, Windows, etc.  
  Conversion of some neutron-excess isotope chemical forms available at the market into compounds suitable for effective feeding of a cyclotron ECR ion source for production highly intense ion beams - V.Ya. Lebedev
  Preparation of Lanthanide and Actinide Targets for the new GSI Rotating Wheel Target Assembly - K. Eberhardt
  Status of the Target Development and Target Monitoring at SHIP - B. Kindler
  Window-less Operation of the JYFL Gas-filled Recoil Separator RITU - J. Uusitalo

Recoil Separators – Design and Achievements – Merits and Deficiencies

  Velocity- and Energy Filters (separation in vacuum)  
  The Velocity Filter SHIP - D. Ackermann
  Design and Performance of Vassilissa Separator - A.V. Yeremin
  Experiments on Super-Heavy Elements with the Velocity Filter LISE III - C. Stodel
  The Heavy-Ion Magnetic Spectrometer PRISMA - F. Scarlassara

  Gas-filled Separators  
  Transmission of the JYFL Gas-filled Recoil Separator RITU - M. Leino
  The Dubna Gas-filled Separator - Status Report - J. Wild
  The Recoil Transfer Chamber: A Gas-Jet Transport Device Coupled to the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator - K. Gregorich

New and Old Ideas, Concepts and Designs (related to a “CHEMSEP”)

Angle- and Energy Selection of the Heaviest Evaporation Residues Produced in Complete Fusion Reactions - R.N. Sagaidak
  Design Study for a Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry - C.N. Davids
  Electrostatic Preseparation for Chemistry of Superheavy Elements - O.N. Malychev
  Gas-filled Magnet as Preseparator for Chemistry - A. Popeko
  About the Design of a Gas-filled Separator - T. Enquist
  A Superconductor Gas-filled Separator - K. Gregorich
  Experiments at ISOLDE with Homologs of the Elements 104 - 118 - U. Köster

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